St Paul’s Play Area Refurbishment 2022

Farington Parish Council have awarded the contract to refurbish the Play Area at St Paul’s.

The Contract has been awarded to Play & Leisure.  More information about the Company can be found here:
Play and Leisure | Outdoor Playground Equipment

Following a public consultation in July / August 2021, the contract was put to tender, with Play and Leisure presenting the winning bid.

The new play area will be made slightly larger, and the play equipment will be as inclusive as possible.

Please see below more details of the 2 phases of work to be undertaken, and a graphic of how the play area will look once completed.


St Paul’s Pay Area Refurbishment Project

Timescales for the project are proposed to start in early September 2022 for a period of approximately 3 weeks.

Disruption to the area.
During the project the area will be closed, however access to the Bowling Club and the footpath leading to St Paul’s Close will be maintained where possible.

Additional parking will be available at St Paul’s Church on Church Lane.
Construction Traffic will not be allowed on site during the school opening and closing times.


St Paul’s Park – Phase 1 & Phase 2

Phase 1

The 1st phase of the project will see the play area transformed.

The play area itself will be made bigger.

The access footpath will be widened and flattened to provide better access and

alleviate flooding.

The play equipment will be brand new and fully accessible to children from 2 – 12 years old.

The surface of the play area will be completely renewed.

The perimeter fencing will be repainted and benches installed within the play area for parents / guardians to sit and watch their Children playing.
The drain on the carpark will be checked and repaired as required.


Phase 2

The 2nd phase of the project the Parish Council are considering the following:

Providing pedestrian access into the area

Renewing the goal posts currently in situ

Improving drainage from the footpath to St Paul’s Close

Resurfacing the footpath to St Paul’s Close – removing the barrier to improve access for all, removing any trip hazards in the entrance way from St Paul’s Close.

Adding planting along the perimeter of the parking area

Adding a dementia garden to the front of the area (currently enclosed in hedging) to provide a peaceful and reflective space.

Removing unnecessary posts on the park

Carrying out a full tree survey and identifying any issues, and replanting trees

Renewal of all 3 current benches on the park for the enjoyment of all

Adding appropriate signage such as ‘dogs to be kept on leads’